Boxen — A Kit of Parts Squarespace Developer SDK


Boxen is designed for Developers by a Developer. It’s a fully functional root template SDK for building web Apps powered by Squarespace ( sqs ). As 1) an independent contract Developer and 2) a small business owner, I have found sqs to be a fair amount of “bang for the buck” across multiple levels of analysis. It’s a pretty decent DIY platform for non-coders, folks not even trying to understand the world of a professional Developer. On the other hand it’s ALSO a pretty awesome CMS and JSON API playground for heavy headed Developer types with a desire to play with flashy content.

Using Boxen assumes you are of the Developer type — you know your way around the Command Line, use Node.js and npm on a daily basis, configure and manage pipelines with Webpack for fun and just plain operate deeply within the modern landscape of Javascript. Please also note that you 1) must have admin permissions for the sqs site you wish to work with and 2) are a registered Squarespace Developer.

Since Boxen is derived from its service, sqs, it is designed to be a content first Software Development Kit. Squarespace is a CMS afterall. Out of the box you can simply make content and go. Every customized feature of the sqs system has a base level design and functionality implementation within the SDKs Kit of Parts. Anything not directly manipulatable retains its core sqs implementation coming from the system static file bundles ( CSS and JS ). Boxen makes no template level assumptions about what things are called.