Brand / Art Direction / Design
Justin Gorman

Brand Assist
Tim Kamerer

Brandon Lee Kitajchuk

Deem is a biannual print journal and online platform focused on design as social practice.


Justin and I have worked on a lot of projects together. While at Instrument we developed something of a cadence to our working style. Over the years we’ve iterated and refined this Kit of Parts design+development process. Most recently we worked together to create the digital back for Deem, a bi-annual print journal.


Deem was the catalyst for me to formally refine Boxen, my Kit of Parts Squarespace developer SDK. I’ve been refining my Squarespace development practice over the years and Deem was the perfect opportunity to begin thinking about abstracting my practices here even more. Ultimately I would fork Deem and completely refactor it into what is now Boxen, the very website you are on right now.


The art direction for Deem is lovely and the site behaves quite nicely. It’s still early in the launch window but the Deem Kit of Parts is well in use. I think I’m most proud of the audio component. For this I use the standard Squarespace Audio Block with template overrides so it’s fully customized. But hey, don’t listen to me write about it here. Go listen to the Collective Future story and let Ronni Kimm and Eric Holdener fill your head with a conversation about life on Mars & the potential of imagination.


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