Caitlin Kitajchuk

Co-creator / Art / Design
Brandon Lee Kitajchuk


Get tropical with FlamingOs!

Pair, swoop, block, and steal to win!

This video was created for our FlamingOs Kickstarter page. We licensed the music from Marmoset but can only use it on the Kickstarter page so go check that out :)


FlamingOs ( technically pronounced “flaming · oh’s” ) is really the product of my beautiful wife, Caitlin Kitajchuk. One day she came home from work and excitedly began telling me about this card game she had come up with that day. It was a lot at once but I got the gist of it: flamingos, tropical and fun! I didn’t think too much of it at the time other than I was glad to see her so excited about the idea. We made dinner and afterward she pulled out the crafts tub and got to work. Caitlin created a prototype deck, cutting out each card and marking them up with pencil. We were able to play the game that night using this deck. It was really fun :)


We continued to play and refine the game mechanics with family and friends. We tried some local gaming events in Portland, Oregon as well as some play testing dates at a local game shop. That was all somewhat underwhelming as we quickly realized those events are more about large and involved table-top games. FlamingOs, a fast and fun “filler” game doesn’t quite fit into this category of gamer and game. FlamingOs is a family game. Good for all ages and designed to be highly replayable. It’s spirit is derived from the classics that we enjoy: Skipbo, Uno and the like. Caitlin and I both have memories of playing Skipbo with our grandparents growing up. The stories, home cooked food and plenty of laughing. FlamingOs embodies this menagerie of feels.

Caitlin sent the game our for reviews and listed it on BoardGameGeek. We got a really lovely review from Undead Viking Videos on YouTube.


Review of FlamingOs on the Undead Viking Videos channel.


Illustrating and designing the game was my primary objective once the gameplay was feeling good. In total I had sixteen unique cards to make plus one other unique card with eleven colored variants. All the cards comprise into three decks: Mingo, Shrimp and O Deck ( pronounced “oh” ). All the cards share a cartoon style of illustration. This was my first real project in which I did all digital illustration work.

The Mingo’s are a set of vicarious flamingo’s. It’s not a stretch to have fun with this line of thinking, but we narrowed our sights on the seven we needed and a house style for the one Pop Mingo wild card.


The Mingo Deck also includes a number of mechanical cards designed to increase risk and reduce your overall agency within the game.


To win the game you ultimately need to earn three FlamingOs. There are eleven in total and they share a thematic and stylized naming convention.


In order to earn these O cards you first must collect Shrimp. Embedded within the Shrimp Deck are a number of cards that will help or hurt you.


We favored three Mingo’s to create several box themes:
Space, Roller and Pool Mingo.


All product photography is courtesy of This design studio in Portland, Oregon.


For a friend I created an entirely new Zombie Mingo. We were able to add this to some empty card slots in our printer files so we had a limited amount of these variant cards created for our game prototypes.


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