Current projects I actively tinker on. Most are personal to me, involving family or friends, or just hobby projects. | github | github | github | github | github

At Instrument I developed the first open-source dev tools for Squarespace. I made a lot of sqs sites, however I no longer do so because I prefer the JAMstack these days. | github | github | github | github | github

I developed some custom Twitch apps to gameify the streams for my old affiliate channel and for @BruceCooper. The former was a zelda inspired game HUD and the latter were zelda/pokemon themed mazes generated with cellular automata.



I've always been interested in "rolling your own" as they say. Over the years I've built, maintained and deprecated a number of custom projects, libraries and frameworks.




These are some older middleman projects I built while at Instrument. For posterity I have kept the static builds available on Netlify because they are lovely.

familiar rivals | github

maekan prototype | github

I built the first open-source Squarespace dev tools with nodejs. A sqs engineer flew from New York to Portland to interview me about it and ultimately they developed official sqs dev tools which I did some consulting on.